5 Times Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Embodied 2000’s Fashion

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Nineteen years ago the world lost Lisa Left Eye Lopes, a brilliant mind who used her dynamic lyrics to inspire others. The famed rapper, who rose to the top of the music charts in the group TLC, was known for her unique voice, diverse opinions, and sexy tomboy swag.

As Left Eye progressed in her career, her fashion choices evolved from baggy clothing to form-fitting dresses. She proved that no matter what she wore, she’d look good in it. With her small frame, tattooed skin, and insane six pack, Left Eye gave every ensemble she wore the edge it needed. The rapper perfectly embodies the belly-baring, low-rise jeans fashion era that was the 2000’s.

In honor of what would’ve been her 50th birthday, we’re revisiting 5 times Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes embodied 2000’s fashion.

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