Ari Lennox Set The Internet Ablaze In Her Lastest Instagram Pic


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Ari Lennox is trending and, duh, why wouldn’t she be? The “Shea Butter” singer has been shutting the internet down with her sultry fashion slays, and anyone with a heart and pulse is happy to see it. This time around, she set the internet ablaze as she sat perched poolside in a Christian Dior swimsuit.

Not one for long captions, Ari let us know her mood with her song choice, “All Night Long” by SWV. Since the top of the year, our songbird has been wearing less and going out more. The public has taken notice and they’re not disappointed.

1. @briarenee_

That’s definitely a loaded tweet!

2. @Dmillzz32

I legit sing the same song every time I see Ari post to social media. You are not alone, Millzz.

3. @QuansFntsyWrld

Ari has documented her weight loss journey via social media. There is a noticeably toned different in her body!

4. @SimplyDan18

She really isn’t and I pray she doesn’t.

5. @de_seanlee

She is Shea Butter, Baby! Can we take some time to get into her flawless, glowing skin?

6. @lilacwiiine

Ari honestly has been shining lately. Looks like glow that comes from deep within. Definitely some healing and self love going on!

I’m not going to front, I’ve turned my alerts on so I can drool over Ari’s next post. She is serving face, body, and confidence goals on a silver platter. Whatever she’s doing, I pray she keeps it up! This glow up is golden.


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Ari Lennox Set The Internet Ablaze In Her Lastest Instagram Pic
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