Cuteness Overload: 15 Adorable Photos of Sienna Wilson

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Ciara and Russell Wilson’s adorable daughter Sienna celebrated her fourth birthday on April 28. She and a few of her friend’s had a backyard party to celebrate in their glamorous dresses. Sienna is the celebrity couple’s first child together, and Russell shared a heartfelt message on Instagram to honor her special day. He affectionately refers to her as the “Great Negotiator,” and Ciara comments “I wonder where she gets her negotiating skills from.”

Russell describes his lovable daughter as “an amazing, loving, intelligent, courageous soul.” Ciara and Russell shared a number of photos and videos from her special day full of birthday festivities with friends and family. There’s a lot of sassiness, an overload of cuteness and some brother-sisterly love between Si Si and her older brother Future. The family of five recently expanded with the youngest son Win. Both Ciara and Russ have enough love to give all of their children, especially on their special day.

Take a look at a gallery of Sienna’s cutest photos enjoying life with her family, little friends and adorable kid outfits. Be careful not to get too much fro envy from her beautiful natural mane.

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