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With over three decades in Hip-Hop, De La Soul is still just as beloved today as they were during the late 1980s. The legendary trio has been teasing an upcoming appearance on Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! series, and the episode aired Saturday morning (Feb. 20) with much fanfare.

We haven’t seen the episode in question, but the episode titled “Don’t Press Play” features the Long Island artists battling with an alien figure who is withholding the rights to their extensive and influential catalog.

As we’ve highlighted here on Hip-Hop Wired, De La Soul has been embroiled in a battle with their former label Tommy Boy Records over the rights to their music. In times past, the band has urged their fans not to stream the music on DSPs as the trio isn’t seen any royalties from their play.

Teen Titans Go! is a hilarious and campy sendup of the serious Teen Titans collective from the DC Comics universe, and is an offshoot of the established and older Justice League, who also have appeared on the popular program across its six seasons. With a ton of visual hijinks and slapstick comedy, Teen Titans Go! is geared for younger audiences but adults will catch a ton of references that might go over the heads of the youth.

The over the top graphic style present in the show gets lent to the image of De La Soul, as the cartoon versions of Dave, Pos, and Mase are spitting images of their real counterparts.

Check out the video and reactions from Twitter below.

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