Songs Sampled From The Earth Wind and Fire/Isley Brothers Verzuz Battle

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If you learned anything from Easter Sunday’s Verzuz battle between Earth, Wind and Fire and The Isley Brothers, their music has influenced a generation. So much so, that all genres of music have either covered or sampled their music for their own works. From one of the most famous sampled works, The Notorious B.I.G.‘s “Big Poppa,” Jay-Z‘s “As One” and Aaliyah‘s version of “(At Your Best) You Are Loved,” both groups will continue to remind in our hearts as other producers dab in their work

What we have done here at Some Dude Pod, we have grabbed just some of the tracks sampled from the songs played in the Verzuz battle between the Isley’s and EWF. Some tracks or artists that you might have never heard from to some of your favorites.

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