Tessica Brown Is Now Gorilla Glue Free After Surgery & Still Has Hair! [VIDEO]

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We’ve all been following the infamous story of Gorilla Glue Girl aka Tessica Brown, 40, of Lousiana who recently went viral for using Gorilla Glue to lay her edges.  After a month of her hair staying put in her ponytail style, she went to the internet asking for help when she exhausted all of her resources.  

Step-by-step, Tessica kept social media informed on her process of trying to release herself from the glue.  Since going viral she’s raised $20,000 on GoFundMe, reached over 794,000 followers, and is not verified on Instagram.  Though she says she didn’t do any of this for internet fame or “clout”, people have been very invested in this story.

Finally, Brown was able to head to Los Angeles to undergo surgery to loosen the glue from her hair.  TMZ reported this morning (Feb. 11) that she’s finally unstuck and has some hair that survived the surgery! The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng offered the four hours and $12,500 surgery for free.  He says he initially thought it was a joke and with research, he knew that he was able to help out the lady. With his chemistry background and doctor knowledge, he decided to use a combination of medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil, and a dash of acetone to loosen the hair.  In the video below, he shows an example of a dummy with real African-American hair and gorilla glue. 

Tessica was able to have a successful surgery and keep some of her hair. Check out her reaction below after her surgery when she realized she could run her finger through her hair.  We hope she doesn’t have to go through this again!


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