The Voidz Drop Robotic New Track ‘Alien Crime Lord’


The Voidz have shared a new single, “Alien Crime Lord,” inspired by action films. The track originally premiered on lead singer Julian Casablancas’ new Grand Theft Auto Online radio station, K.U.L.T. 99.1FM Vespucci Beach Station “Low Power Beach Radio,” as part of the game’s Cayo Perico Heist update.

Over electric guitar and Eighties synthesizers, Casablancas sings in an Auto-Tuned voice that sounds straight out of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

“We wanted to make a song that sounded like Jean Claude Van Damme standing up on a speeding motorcycle while firing perfect bullets through the windshield of an oncoming nemesis, then finishing the job with a controlled flip over the top of the vehicle that ends in a maelstrom of denim and flames,” the Voidz said in a statement.

The Voidz will perform “Alien Crime Lord” live for the first time on Thursday, December 17th on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The band’s last album was Virtue in 2018.

Casablancas released a new album with the StrokesThe New Abnormal, this past April. He also launched S.O.S. – Earth Is a Mess, a new interview series in partnership with Rolling Stone, where he has so far spoken to guests such as Andrew Yang and Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman.

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